Princeton Court Clubhouse

This facility complements an existing apartment complex and includes offices, a clubroom, billiards room, fitness room, a kitchen and a large outdoor covered patio adjacent to outdoor cooking and dining areas. The clubhouse is located in an extremely confined area between two apartment buildings, requiring detailed scheduling for material deliveries and construction activities to minimize the impact on the residents throughout the construction process.

Lenape Valley Foundation, The Lodge

This is Bucks County’s first and only imminent crisis residential program.
Built adjacent to Lenape Valley Foundation’s current offices, The Lodge was constructed with exposed timber frame trusses, two-indoor/outdoor fireplaces, and ample glass in large common areas to maximize natural light.
The Lodge contains several patient bedrooms, single and group meeting rooms, common rooms, medical offices, administrative offices, and a kitchen and dining area.


Opening Quote

What has been refreshing to see is that no matter how large or small a project is, you get the same high level of professionalism, quality workmanship and performance.

Closing Quote
Douglas C. Dolan, Executive Director
Mercer Museum & Fronthill Castle