St. Monica Church & Parish Center

St. Monica Church was built after a devastating fire in May, 1991 destroyed the original structure. A 10,500 square foot Gothic-style church was designed to incorporate reclaimed millwork and stained glass from a former church in the City of Philadelphia. Towering thirty-five feet above the sanctuary, the glue laminate roof building enhances the marble altar and beautifully carved wood reredos wall. Flooring materials include marble, terrazzo, vinyl tile and carpet. The exterior finishes are stone and synthetic stucco and are topped with a copper steeple rising over seventy feet above the bell tower.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

This 34,000 square foot church incorporates a massive steel and exposed timber structure spanning 187’ with heights to 65’ in the clerestory. Features include the prominent Bell Tower, a Choir Mezzanine, and a Day Chapel.
The Novik polyvinyl roofing material mimics the look of genuine terra cotta roof tiles providing the unique look desired by the owner while also keeping the project within budget.  The interior finishes include custom mahogany millwork and hand-crafted Italian marble.

Abington Presbyterian Church

The renovation of the Abington Presbyterian Church included the restoration of the stained-glass windows, which were showing the effects of years of exposure to the elements.  The project also included renovations to the sanctuary area, offices, and meeting rooms within the church.
Our skilled craftsmen matched the original wood and stucco work to give the church a fresh and updated look that blends seamlessly with the older areas of the building.


Opening Quote

What has been refreshing to see is that no matter how large or small a project is, you get the same high level of professionalism, quality workmanship and performance.

Closing Quote
Douglas C. Dolan, Executive Director
Mercer Museum & Fronthill Castle